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© Jérémie Schütz
Magic nights of Nantes in Le Jardin des plantes
23 & 24 september 2016​ - Nantes
Program of the evening : operatic arias and french melodies
Représentation de l'opéra L'Ombra d'Ugo Bottacchiari
7 mai 2016 - Bellmund
Thiébaud-Frey Fondation, Bellmund.
This short opera will be interpreted by :
Cécile Houillon, l'Ombra              Caroline Delcampe, Piano 
Louis Zaitoun, Wolfango              Luc Birraux, Mise en scène originale
"And time goes by..."
17 may 2016 - Lausanne
Program of the concert :
Lieder, arias and trio from R. Strauss, arias and duo from V. Bellini and aria from C. Debussy
Todd Camburn, Piano
Anne-Sophie Petit, Soprano        Marina Viotti, Mezzo-soprano
"Be amazed, Look forward to and ... Love !"
24 mars 2016 - Lausanne
Program of the concert :
Aria and duo from G. Puccini, melodies from H. Duparc, lieder from F. Liszt and melodie and aria from J. Massenet
Todd Camburn, Piano        Jérémie Schüzt, ténor  
Representation of the opera L'Ombra from Ugo Bottacchiari
17 & 19 august 2016 - Cheverny
1st Edition of "Va jouer dehors !" festival

Let us put aside for a moment the splendor of the gardens, the rows of the aisles and run towards the orchard. In the distance looms the canvas of a tent. Tonight, no circus. Other characters will take possession of this ephemeral stage.

Some 12 musicians, 4 singers, 2 solists, for a chamber opera with an Italian touch. 


The castle watches over its surroundings.

Cécile Houillon, l'Ombra              Antoine Rebstein, Direction
Louis Zaitoun, Wolfango              Luc Birraux, Mise en scène

Concert with orchestra - Berlin
1st Febuary / Konzerthaus & 4th Febuary/ Emmauskirche
Program : Rückert lieder, Gustav Mahler
Festival Les ArtScènes
10 June 2017 - Salle Vasse, Nantes
Concert Theater and Opera !
With Marina Viotti, Mezzo-soprano & Juliette Rangheard, Piano
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